1 Nov 2013: Running Rampant

My sidebars only consist of re-targeted advertisements reminding me to finalize my shopping purchases for fleece gloves, hostel sleep sheets and power adapters. I have more to–do lists in more places than I can remember putting them. I have tabs and folders on web browsers, desktops, and flash drives. Then there are the sticky notes, emails, iPhone notes and the things I have said aloud and won’t ever remember again. I go to purchase plane tickets and I am sidetracked by some tourist gimmick and from there, my breadcrumb spirals into Africa (a side trip I had not considered until now…).

I have been reading blogs that tell me how to pack—two pairs of jeans, sneakers and one set of boots, seven pairs of underwear—I am curious as to how I will survive in one suitcase for six months, but these world travelers assure me that turning my underwear inside out is hygienic and buys me two weeks without laundry. I do not know if I support that yet, so please take that with a grain of salt (or a scoop of detergent).
Most mornings I wake up and think how freezing I am here and that I’ll probably turn to ice in London. Then I get really nervous that I made the wrong decision and that I am going to be completely broke. But then I realize that travel only makes you richer, so with that I move forward. I’ve been trying to improve my mental math by taking a Celsius temperature, doubling it, subtracting the value of the first integer, and adding 32 which supposedly gets my somewhere close to Fahrenheit. I wonder though, how long must it take for me to just know what a Celsius temperature feels like? And how will I use metrics abroad? Or the 24 hour clock? I am trying to adapt to these small, probably insignificant details before I experience complete culture shock.
I read blogs that have phrases like “and that swanky European Business man for two good old cockney mucker’s swigging good old fashioned grog” and I start to cringe in fear. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? I also am compiling a bucket list based on recommendations I have gathered from around the internet, but I have no earthly idea what there is to do at Buckingham Palace, Tibetan Peach Garden or Hogmanay in Edinburgh. I just do as the internet tells me.


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