13 Nov 2013: Month & A Half Out

In October of 2012 I got antsy. I started feeling confined to a city that has been home for too long and I panicked. I went to the study abroad office the next morning and flipped through some catalogs thinking, “Yeah, London sounds nice”. When January of 2014 felt like a distant future, I had no trouble browsing through course descriptions and looking at price plans. I thought that by 2014, I’ll be ready for this.

I’ve been wrong before. In October 2013, I anxiously hit submit on the Intent to Enroll form and proceeded to freak. Fear subsequently washed over me and I want to think that I even cried. I bought a London travel guide and started my reading. I Google searched ‘London fashion’ because I don’t want to show up in traditional tourist garb. I stopped trying to picture myself on an airplane to England because that gives me shaky knees. All in all, I feel a bit better about this whole thing a few short weeks from departure. Also, no one has ever come back from study abroad and said, “Geesh, what a waste of time”. I’ll be just fine…

A running list of goals abroad:
Sketch more
Don’t get comfortable
Live outside a routine
Take those side trips
Turn twenty-one gracefully
Blog more
Cultivate knowledge and creativity


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