19 Nov 2013: Wholesome Cold

I still have projects, prints and finals to take. I still have Thanksgiving, Christmas and a quick trip to the East Coast, but London seems so tangible now. Today I learned that smoking is illegal indoors (even pubs), the tap water is safe, the milk has been pasteurized and Mad Cow disease seems to be under control. I may or may not have purchased an outdated (2008) travel book for $1.80 (I did) when Mad Cow disease was more prevalent. Also there’s a fee to drive into the city during the week. Unfortunate for my poorly circulating blood, the British find the cold “wholesome” and keep indoor temperatures ten degrees cooler than American’s are use to. If that doesn’t kill me, then I’m not sure what will. I heard that the 12-hour clock is regularly used (this book is going against everything I know), but I will willingly accept that. I also did some reading on the architecture and art periods and the information precisely mimicked my textbook for Intro to Fine Arts. I get to learn about Jan Van Eyck this semester and then go spend some quality time with his Arnolfini Portrait next semester. That was good planning.

1 month and 16 days


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