25 Dec 2013: Twenty-Thirteen

I looked back through the seventy odd photos I found worthy of being posted in my photo album marked ‘2013’. This year was not what I thought it would be.

I began the foundation courses for my Communication Design degree, I worked my first internship with Core Media, I vacationed in Longboat Key for quite possibly the last time. I helped produce a video for Olive that became a finalist, I sat near Olive as she got sick. My Great Grandfather of ninety-eight years passed. Olive passed an hour later. I had to bury my dog. I worked every day between three jobs. I took summer classes. I met Fig, a lab-mix rescue, and brought her home. I camped at Robbers Cave State Park. I was accepted to study abroad in London. My boyfriend and I went our separate ways. I kept my grades high and got a scholarship for London. I had my favorite semester yet. I ate a lot of donuts and learned how to use the pottery wheel. And here it is, Christmas Day already. I’m in the States for a few more days.

London will be good for me now. This year was so good and so bad and I suppose those lessons were important, but they seemed cruel sometimes. I have five months to wander Europe and learn as much as I can. Maybe I’ll pledge to run a little more and take some better photographs, but that never seems to be what matters at the years end.


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