2 Jan 2014: Packing, Departure


Tomorrow is departure day. I started mentally packing months ago, but today the suitcases were stuffed and my room was a disaster. I made a list last week and continued editing up until yesterday when I created a twister board in my bedroom. This method was successful for many reasons except the one that had me hopping and doing the splits over folded clothing to get to my bed. There’s also Geneva (our Golden Retriever) who found the clothing to be even more comfortable than the prior accommodations. Thus, there are golden dog locks on everything. Regardless, I packed my three pairs of jeans, two short sleeve shirts, five sweaters and fourteen pairs of underwear into one large checked suitcase and one carry-on duffle. Either I’m a professional clothes folder (wrong) or I didn’t pack enough because my first suitcase wasn’t full when I turned to grab more items from the empty floor. Either way, I think I’m okay with this extra space because lugging those bags into the overhead compartments can be embarrassing and now all the more reason to visit those markets and shops we all dream of.

These goodbye’s and farewell’s are too easy. I think that means I’m ready.


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