8 Jan 2014: Big Ben

ImageHey Big Ben!

I made a quick trip to the rather large British Museum which happens to be next door to my flat. I plan on spending an hour or two there on slow mornings to explore. I find myself geeking out over artifacts I have studied previously at home.

Walking the streets has been my pastime. I’m impressed by London. I have never been in such a big city and felt so safe. Besides pick-pocketing, there is not much to worry about. Y’all can settle down and stop worrying about me.

I’ve discovered Maoams and I’m not mad about it. It’s a lot like taffy. I also bought peanut butter which is strangely dry here. The jar of Jif I saw was £9.99 which translates to $16 or something nuts (Ha!), so I’ll stick to my UK brand. Thanks though. My stomach is begging for fish and chips. I can’t wait until I satisfy that.

Something strange has come over me. My typical anxious self who worries about everything and plans to the minute hasn’t been present in London. I don’t worry about the tube or getting lost or extreme budgeting or academics. For the first time I think I’m just present. I’m not trying to control every aspect. It’s quite lovely.

Well I’m off to see the world, cheers y’all.


4 thoughts on “8 Jan 2014: Big Ben

  1. Wow! Sounds like somebody is very grown up and enjoying this adventure! Good for you! Love your take on London and the food choices. Can you watch Downton Abbey over there? Does it rain a lot? Have a washer & dryer? Did you pack appropriately? haha do I sound like your Mom? Are the guys cute? Bet you are getting 2nd looks! Love!

    • Hi Pepper! I will have to do some more research on Downton Abbey, but we have been able to watch some incredibly cheesy British horror movies along with The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Diners Drive-ins and Dives and The Kardashians. It’s rained practically every day so far, but it’s quite lovely. The grey skies don’t bug me yet! We do have a washer but one small wash cycle takes 110 minutes, AH! The guys are very good looking, except the older gentleman on the other side of the street with the beer belly that undresses in front of his window everyday. It’s ridiculous! Hope you’re well and thanks for keeping up with this! I love the questions!

      • We watch Downton Abbey or rather we are obsessed with the show. If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch it for free…>LOVE IT…if you get any pics from stuff for the show you have to take and share!!! So excited for your adventure over there…sounds like you fit right in there. REALLY not surprised. It seems like a city for you!! Keep the posts coming – I love this!! Be safe and HAVE FUN!!!!!!

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