12 Jan 2014: The Flat


I live in a flat in Central London. It’s a few stories up some weak, wobbly stairs which made for dragging our fifty pound suitcases up quite pathetic. There are two bedrooms, each containing three beds, three wardrobes and one bathroom. My bed is in the far-left corner here, though there is really little divide between Shatika, Mary and myself. The kitchen and living space is much larger. We have almost all the necessary supplies to carry out proper home cooked meals here, which is a relief because eating in London is rather pricey. Ah, and the reason for Kaleo standing on the chair happens to do with a little mouse. Reception told us to make sure the mouse pays his rent so I’m assuming he’s one of us now.

A four hour scavenger hunt took us all over Central London yesterday. The end rewarded us with a cup of hot tea at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, a favorite pub of Charles Dickens in the day. We extended our hunt to explore Twinings, home of premium tea and the oldest, continually used logo dating from 1787.


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