13 Jan 2014: University

I had a brief panic attack last night. That might be putting it lightly, but either way, here I am on Monday morning and everything is just fine. Go figure. My worrying worries me. My module schedule for University was all sorts of wrong and even though I was expecting to have a day off today, here I am on campus. It seems as though I missed my first class which was conveniently scheduled for last week, though the first day of semester is in fact today. I feel like Yoshi must feel when I press the green button prematurely and spin out at the starting blocks instead of getting the super boost.

I rode the Metropolitan line with Kaleo, my flatmate, this morning. We headed west and made it to campus in 50 minutes. Between topping up my Oyster card for tube fare and winding up at a maternity ward in a hospital, we arrived.

This campus is built much like an American campus and less like the hidden campuses in random ancient buildings in downtown London. I prefer the latter, but this is nice to escape to three times a week. I must have gone through 57 doors to get to my destination though. And the doors are not the inviting kind. They don’t say if you should push or pull and they have me convinced alarms will sound upon opening, however they just lead to another corridor with six more sets of doors. It’s strange knowing I’ll be here for a semester. I miss the ease of Texas State, but what fun would life be if everything was routine and expected.



One thought on “13 Jan 2014: University

  1. Yeah but it is an experience you will never forget the rest of your life! Doors are the gateway to new adventures! Hang in there – we Americans are enjoying your new life while we watch Leonardo on TV – you were THERE!!

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