15 Jan 2014: Thoughts

I found £20 on the pavement! These late night walks are really paying off!

I’m taking three classes though Creative Drawing Development is technically worth two. I’m working on some brainstorm for a healing space to take place in Northwick Hospital. I’m really excited to explore screen printing and wayfinding systems this semester. On Wednesdays I have class with all study abroad students where we commence an hour of lecture with a museum tour. Fridays typically hold a lecture on Introduction to Image Media. My commute to campus is a long one, but I’ll be a local in no time with all this underground navigation. However all my classes were cancelled for the week except for the museum tour! Hooray!


Bea’s Bakery


Bea’s Bakery–just look at that meringue

My class was cancelled yesterday so I headed to Camden’s Lock Market with Kaleo and Mary. We started the walk with a stop at Bea’s Bakery which is dangerously close to the flat and ate a quick bite at Bahn Mi Bay, a quaint little Vietnamese restaurant. We took a super long route by detouring west to Regent’s Park. Camden was not what I had expected, but I nibbled my way through the Thai, Chinese and Indian booths that lunch wasn’t even necessary! The shops were very touristy, but I can’t wait to go back again and bargain for some tank tops and crispy chicken.

The number of Pret A Manger’s that I pass on a daily basis is disgusting. They have such a monopoly over the quick Londoner lunch. I’ve noticed an overwhelming amount of grab-and-go meals. Also let’s talk about preservatives for a minute because I’ve been told they don’t exist here. And artificial flavorings are banned which makes me curious as to why America pumps those dyes into our bellies. Kit Kat’s and M&M’s are different. The popcorn isn’t buttered. The produce is close to pitiful, but Mom you’d be so proud! I’m eating chickpeas and I even chose to eat a mushroom! I’m trying my hardest to eat well, but oh those pastries!

It seems as though sickness is upon our flat so keep your little fingers crossed that I stay healthy. I’m off to Wales this weekend for an adventure! Cheers y’all!


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