22 Jan 2014: St. Paul’s

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetMom, I’m probably not coming home.

London has won me over. How could I ever leave? Everything is at an arm’s reach.

Monday, I made it to campus by the underground and explored, listened to a quick lecture by a visiting artist and came home for a run with Kaleo. There’s something about this city that makes running so easy. I’m usually one to tire around twenty-five minutes and throw in the towel, but London’s pulsating streets are pushing me further than I’ve ever run before. Every run is different and we come upon something new and we get a little lost each time. On Tuesday, Kaleo, Mary, Alanna and I got on bus 24 and rode to the end of the line which apparently was Hampstead Heath. It dumped us off and we tried to explore, but the cafe we ended upon was mediocre and we headed home a little prematurely and a little disappointed with our spontaneous adventure. Either way, I saw some parts of town I wouldn’t have otherwise seen. Today (Wednesday), I had class! Believe it or not! Art and Society class altered the previous plan of exploring the National Gallery, so today we unexpectedly got to enter St. Paul’s Cathedral. I had planned on just going to St. Paul’s for a free mass because the entrance fee is £14, but I couldn’t recommend it more. From the crypt to the chapels, the dome, whispering gallery, stone gallery and golden gallery, it was heavenly. The inside murals, frescos and sculptures were some of the most incredible I’ve had the opportunity to share a room with. The whispering gallery sits 30m, 257 steps, above the cathedral floor. If you whisper into the wall, the sound will travel around the entire dome. I sat among the stone saints for a bit, but wandered up to the stone gallery, 53m above the floor. This took us outside to a 360 degree view of London that seemed spectacular until we climbed to the golden gallery, a whopping 83m up, totaling 528 bloody stairs. London makes me speechless. I’ll just go ahead and leave some photographs. Unfortunately it’s frowned upon to photograph inside, but just do some googling. I stayed for the Eucharist, which was refreshing as I haven’t been to a Catholic mass is quite some time. I even took communion on the floor of St. Paul’s Cathedral, when does that ever happen in real life?!

We walked the 2.2 miles home only to go back to Liverpool Station in the evening for an Alternative Walking Tour of the Eastside. We turned over Brick Lane, Fournier Street, Hanbury and Quaker Street in search of some street art. We saw a bit of everything from Banksy to Space Invader, Mighty Mo, Roa and Mobstr. The piece that leaves me laughing is a buffed question mark (an icon for Mobstr) that you can fulfill your curiosity about here: http://viralart.vandalog.com/read/chapter/multi-photo-pieces/

I stopped at the supermarket on the way home to find packs of bananas reduced to 24p so of course I purchased 2 dozen bananas. I’m really living on the edge here, y’all.


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