29 Jan 2014: Sundays, Mojo




Harold Pinter Theatre

1782109_10202185709097225_1044756846_n 970537_10202185709857244_1951982655_nWhile Kaleo and I were doing that great big adventure that you may have read about in the last post, we ran into someone busking on the street. His name is Dawson and he invited us along to see him perform at a little acoustic night in Finsbury Park. What’s better on a Sunday night? Dawson is the UK Loop Station winner so I’d have to say his show was quite impressive. I’d recommend him to you all.

Life started rolling along yesterday. I must admit, I’m unprepared. I’m going to briefly get you up to speed on my courses which may seem dry, but it’s vital to my days here. The University has combined courses. All the Illustration kids are together 4 days a week, 10am-4pm essentially. The University has also restricted which courses a study abroad student can take abroad, fair enough. So now there’s this Healing Spaces project in the Creative Development course. However, this project also flows into the other course that I’m unable to take. So naturally, the tutors would like me to attend this class that I’m not getting marks for and not getting credit for. I’m all about free education and learning as much as I can, but taking on another technical studio while in a foreign educational system is overwhelming.

We were given a lengthy lunch break so I tried the Uni cafe and for the price, I’m pleased. I also made British friends so yippee. I’m really excited where this is all going. It’s quite funny because we speak the same language, but in actuality, I can’t understand half of them. Some people don’t open their mouth when they speak and some choose to (I have to pause for a moment to comment on the gentlemen testing every iPhone text sound available on his phone, out loud on the tube this morning. This is worse than the keyboard click. Back to the scheduled programming…) and some people substitute TH for every other consonant so you can understand why I’m easily lost in conversation.

Monday evening brought us to the Comedy Store for King Gong Comedy Night. There are acts and there are chosen judges and there is an audience that is allowed to hackle. It’s quite funny, but also hit and miss. No ethnic group was safe from stereotyping and no cuss word was left unsaid. I did appreciate that one attempted a typography joke: “I like my victims like I like my fonts, 14 and bold.” Really horrible, but well executed, I think. The blokes usually get gonged off the stage within 50 seconds so it goes quick.

If someone told you “Come back at half 2,” what time would you show up to class? The answer is 14:30. Surprised me, too. I do need to take a moment to acknowledge the impeccable style men and women have in this city. The clothing combinations are wild and not seen in the States, but I’m falling victim. I’m pairing faux fur and leather with everything, wanting to mix prints and cut my hair to something edgier. I’m about to invest in chunky rubber boots which I would have turned my nose to only months prior. Also, that coiffe can not be more perfect than those worn by the entire London male population. Bravo, really.

Tuesday night, I had the privilege to see Mojo at the Harold Pinter Theatre. This play stars Daniel Mays, Rupert Grint and Tom Rhys Harries among a few others. We started the evening at Byron for some delicious and fairly pricey burgers and chips, but sometimes you have to live a little, right? Then on to the play! I am lucky to have flatmates who sat outside for tickets while I went to class this morning. We had the front and center most seats possible. I couldn’t have been closer to Daniel’s spit, Rupert’s vomit act or the beer bottle that was knocked off stage and hit Kaleo in the head. I would go back in a heartbeat. I don’t have to tell you that Rupert is incredible on the stage, but I was blown away. Everyone’s performance was impressive, really. Even Tom and his good looking head of hair with his four lines. I wish he would have been a bigger role. These are the good nights though, that’s for sure.


3 thoughts on “29 Jan 2014: Sundays, Mojo

  1. I am so jealous! Do keep us old folks informed so we can dream of being blonde, gorgeous and in a foreign country having a blast! Love your musings!!

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