13 Apr 2014: London with Mum!

My mum came in Saturday morning and I picked her up from the Underground in the very appropriate London rain. I’d say we conquered the city for the three days we had. After a cappuccino at Gail’s and a few pastries, we walked through the major squares, saw the guards change at Buckingham Palace, walked to the Thames for the touristy sites (Parliament and The Eye) and ate at Herman ze German for snitzel and curry wurst (!!!) before returning to check mum into her accommodation. She took a quick nap, we walked Regent’s Park (one of her favourites of London, can’t you tell by the photo?) and made a meal at home. After a pint in the pub, we crashed.

We spent Monday morning in Fortnum & Mason (a luxury department store more tolerable then Harrods) and doing a bit of shopping. We tried Borough Market but Monday’s aren’t the best days for that gem so we walked away with just baklava pistachio treats and ate them in front of Tower Bridge. After a pint in Shoreditch and a beigel on Brick Lane, our tired feet needed a break in Leadenhall Market. We got a pint and fought the rain for a little pub with fish n chips and a pie. The rain wasn’t letting up, but we happily took the Underground home with a small detour for sticky toffee pudding (one of mum’s favourite new desserts!).

Tuesday brought shopping, a small picnic in Hyde Park and afternoon sweet tea at Bea’s Bakery. We tested out some brownie bites, a passion fruit marshmallow, a raspberry meringue, a red velvet cupcake, a jam and clotted cream scone and a few pots of earl grey tea. It was a quaint little afternoon on the pavement in the first bit of sunshine London was willing to offer. Mum went up on the Eye at sunset and we stopped to share a final plate of fish n chips and a scotch egg. With a ridiculously long wait for a cold meal, we chatted with some English folk and it wasn’t all bad.

Between the two of us, we conquered sixteen pints, six pubs, two plates of fish n chips, one pie and a few cups of tea. London went so quickly, but I think she really liked it and I’m glad she could see my future home (wink wink nudge nudge).

My computer is still broken, but photos from my camera will come eventually. And they’ll be beautiful so come back.


London at dusk


Mum in the pub, happy to be eating good food and drinking good cider!


Leadenhall Market for a pint


Before the flight on the Eye


Regents Park


Herman ze German for currywurst and chicken schnitzel


This had to happen


Mum and the guard

IMG_2870 IMG_2884

Afternoon Tea at Bea's

Afternoon Tea at Bea’s

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Afternoon Tea at Bea's

Afternoon Tea at Bea’s


One thought on “13 Apr 2014: London with Mum!

  1. Mum is a beautiful lady and you get the good genes! Having said that, please still intend to come home…no wink wink!

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