2 May 2014: How is it May?


Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

I was so confused about my Uni schedule before arriving here. How could I have three weeks off for break followed by a month of finals? I still don’t have the answers, but I do know that I’m now done with classes and have turned in all my projects and papers. I have a pending exhibition next week in the gallery featuring my semester’s work, but I’m done. I’m a fourth year now.

I spent the days following my return to London curled up in my bed asleep. I hadn’t realized how worn out I was. Exploring is exhausting stuff. My flatmates weren’t home when I arrived so I slept in pure silence and darkness for the first time in months. They have all since come home (and some left again), but we have been busy catching up on the goods and the uglies of our travels in front of good food. I had a fantastic bowl of brisket pho at Bahn Mi Bay as well as a half price burrito from Chipotle with a friend I met in Berlin.

After feeling guilty for resting in such a lovely city, I spent some time at the Tate Modern, Regent’s Park, Primrose Hill and Camden Market this week. I’m trying to see all my favourites and my still to-do’s. I spent an evening at The Shakespeare Globe Theater watching Much Ado About Nothing. This was the first time I’ve enjoyed and (still only partially) understood Shakespeare. The theater is open air and we were standing in the yard for the two and a half hour performance, but I quite enjoyed the witty play. I spent another evening at the Science Museum Late with Renee, Jordan, Kaleo and Thomas. I danced in a silent disco (a brilliant idea, really) and made a kazoo from rubber bands and popsicle sticks. If anything has made me feel more childlike in this whole adultifying adventure, it was this craft corner. My only complaint is that it ended too early.

My MacBook has another failed logic board, so it’s on its way home to the States with my father. I spent hours on the tube yesterday so I finally picked up The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. If I can pry myself away, I’ll be out exploring markets this afternoon.


Shakespeare’s Globe Theater


Brisket Pho from Bahn Mi Bay in Holborn


Picasso in Tate Modern

Crumby soft serve ice cream that I cried into after a visit to the Apple Store in 20 degree weather

Crumby soft serve ice cream that I cried into after a visit to the Apple Store in 20 degree weather


Lunch flat dates


Tube strikes left me stranded at platforms all week


Final bound book for Wash Club


One of my two exhibits featured in “Visual Communication & Illustration Presents: In Progress”. These are some thumbs, roughs and comps alongside my finished book.


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