9 May 2014: Sunday Roast, Exhibition

This past weekend was the last with the flat intact so we made an effort to cook a Sunday roast and feast together. Sunday roasts are one of my favourite things about England, though it was my first meal coming into town so maybe I’m just a little sentimental.

I prepped the chicken with herbs and lemons while Kaleo took responsibility for the baking. Jordan made killer gravy while Mary made mash with such passion that she broke the masher. I tried out a recipe for Yorkshire pudding and boiled up some veggies. The feast was better than Thanksgiving. We paired it with wine and finished with peach crumble. I’m not sure why we haven’t attempted family meals before (actually, yes I am: gluten intolerances, vegetarians, dislikes and grocery shopping, for starters), but I’m glad we snuck one in.

The rest of the week rained and I felt a bit sluggish, but in a way that wasn’t disappointing. I felt like I could spend a day doing nothing and not be upset. I think this means that I’ve conquered what I wanted to in London. I’ll never be done seeing this city, but I’m content with my findings in the time being. I did a little shopping, checked out the Campo Viejo food market on the South Bank, ran to Primrose Hill for the good view and laid in the park with the second book in the series I can’t put down: The Girl Who Played with Fire.

I had my first exhibition on campus this week. In Progress featured our year’s work in a rough, but curated fashion. It took more work than I would have known, but it was worth it. Mary, Renée and Kelle came out to Harrow for the show which was so lovely of them. I then realized that I was with my classmates for the last time. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye so I grabbed a glass of wine, made plans for an undecided time in the future and ran away. I do hope I run into them again and if I have my way, I’ll be back in England at the first opportunity given. I’ll miss them trash talking my oh-so-American peanut butter sandwich in a reused ziplock bag each day because Heaven forbid I missed the memo on the cute plastic lunch boxes filled with marmite. I’ll miss those kids.

I had dim sum for the first time at the Drunken Monkey off Shoreditch High Street and I’m so upset I’ve never been introduced to those lovely little dumplings earlier. I took the girls to Beigel Bakery, the gem of Brick Lane and got a jam donut for 30p that was absolutely killer. We took the bus home and these are precisely the moments I never want to forget. What a lovely evening.

If things happen in threes, I’m going to hug my phone before bed every night because I have every reason to believe it’s next. The lens on my camera has started to sputter and die so it’s basically out of commission—a real bummer for the travels ahead, but I’m in no position to get it repaired at this point. If this is any indication I should just go home and quit the blog life, maybe I should take the hint.


Sunday Roast


In Progress Exhibition


Dim Sum at Drunk Monkey


Trying to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Benito’s Hat



In progress Exhibition


Campo Veijo, Spain Food Festival


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