11 May 2014: Brighton

Our program took us to Brighton for a quick day trip on Saturday via coach. The drive was two hours straight south and we arrived in misty, gusty conditions to explore the English coast.

Entrance to the Royal Pavillion was included in our trip so we headed there first. It was built for a king and was designed after the Taj Mahal, but the interior is inspired by Chinese motifs. It’s elaborate and overdone and completely unnecessary, but hey.

At this point the rain dissipated so we headed out to enjoy it. Brighton is known for it’s shopping so we wasted no time finding Snooper’s Paradise, a maze of everything eclectic, and popped into a few bakeries to eye sweets. We spent a little time on the high street among the ritzier shops, but ultimately we found ourselves on the Brighton Pier.

I know no historical or physical facts about the pier which is how I was initially going to start this paragraph. I do know that there’s an amusement ride, doughnuts and candy floss every two meters. The water was rough (and brown?) and quite intimidating for an ocean, but I suppose Florida’s protected Gulf Coast isn’t the best comparison to have. The wind on the pier was unreal (as Kaleo so kindly demonstrates in the short video). There’s something so whimsical and charming about a pier though. I could have run about it for so much longer.

Kaleo, Jordan, Kelle and I stopped into Mock Turtle for tea. I ordered lemon curd and butter for my dried fruit scone that was better than any I’d had before. And with that, we headed home and ate as a little family, chatting at the kitchen table until 10:30pm.

Our flat is beginning to disperse and head home. I’m dreading these goodbyes. Instead, I’m ignoring the impending doomsday of farewells and jetting off to explore. After quite the delay in the airport this morning, I found myself in a whole new country before lunch. And I’m off. Cheers.










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