9 Nov 2014: Tonsils


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Pretties by Annie Chreitzberg



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I may have mentioned my battle with a stubborn peritonsillar abscess before, but let me enlighten you on my latest endeavors. As the fourth abscess reared its ugly little tumorous head, I made an appointment to have the life sucked from it as soon as I could. With a honeymooning physician, I was forced to a new office where I’d have the abscess sliced and diced while all too awake. This pain was so particularly miserable that I sobbed violently while driving home and swore I’d cut out my own tonsils before I had this again.

So here I am, post-tonsillectomy after having the most abscesses my doctor has seen in his career. Because if I’m going to go through this much pain, why not make it a competitive thing? I’m eight days into recovery and I think I’m nearing the part where things are suppose to get better and my life returns to normal. I handled the first four days well, even attending a class because it sounded like a good idea, but days five through seven weren’t fun. I woke up with some bad chest pain one morning and found myself covered in hives. At this point, I was not surprised. I’ve come to expect these things because my body hates me and it likes to remind me.

Things are getting easier, but it’s still hard to eat, hard to drink, hard to talk, hard to swallow and hard to do the homework I’m really far behind on. It’s so daunting, but I’m so muddled. Thank you to those that messaged, called and visited during all this, I really appreciated the thoughts and company. I did expect more ice cream from you all so I will be sure to keep that in mind when you have inflamed, green pockets in the back of your throat.

I’m very excited to soon be off of medicine and I can’t wait to have real food with flavor, crunch and/or spice. I can’t wait to wake up and not decide between jello or ice cream. There are good things ahead, mostly in the form of a burger and french fries, Mexican food, beer, sriracha sauce, and Cheetos.

Besides having surgery on Halloween and sending my lovely friends off to a costume party at my significant other’s without me, I’ve been doing that school thing and not much else. This semester is already on its way out which is absolutely terrifying. The good one’s always go so quickly. I volunteered at Texas Clay Festival which inspired me to get back on the wheel. I missed it terribly. That’s all I suppose. I think I need some more adventure.


One thought on “9 Nov 2014: Tonsils

  1. Your miserable journey may almost be over! I am so sorry for this mis-adventure. Look forward to good eating during the holidays and better days ahead!

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