8 Feb 2015: Semester Eight

Enchanted Rock

Enchanted Rock


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Firas and Avery!

Firas and Avery!

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Megan came to visit!

Megan came to visit!

Girls night at a punk show

Girls night at a punk show

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These little homeless ones need parents! Help us!

These little homeless ones need parents! Help us!

Crazy cat lady

Crazy cat lady

Photo on 2-8-15 at 6.20 PM #4

There’s a nice little compilation of some favorite days of 2014. I miss making little videos.

After New Years, I gave little thought to resolutions as I binged on Gilmore Girls and ultimately finished the series in a disgusting amount of time. I was either working my waitressing job or holing myself up on mum’s couch to see how Lorelei and Rory were going to get along in another season. Returning to school seemed less exciting than usual, but here I am and with a heap of new resolutions for the semester, only a few weeks late on the ‘New Year, New You’ thing.

1. I’d stay healthier than last semester. HA! I’ve managed to get sick and sniffly already, but I wasn’t holding my breath on this one anyway.

2. I’d get a design job at the University Star Paper. What spurred me to do this you might ask? Could it have been Rory Gilmore and her lead editor role at the Yale Daily? Absolutely, yes. Now I do layout and design work for our tri-weekly paper! It’s a good reason to keep up with InDesign and eat wings with nice kids occasionally.

3. I’d get a local job.

4. I’d become active in our AIGA Chapter. So hi, I’m your new Task Force Operations gal!

5. I’d buy a car. If it wasn’t for my best friend Avery having purchased a car recently, I’d be lost. Car buying is treacherous. Somewhere between building credit and desired car features, I became very overwhelmed. I test drove two cars and have since been contacted by one salesman five times about “big news, call me for big news”. I’m beyond over it. I’m thinking I should just get another bicycle instead!

6. I’d go to the gym 2x a week after class. I pay a handful of dollars in my tuition for those stationary bikes and I’m not going to just let the sorority girls benefit.

7. I would not get caught up in another Netflix series. Though proven beneficial to my productivity in the long run, it seems in my best interest to not start Friends until summer.

8. I’d read a few more books. I have read A House in the Sky and Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls so far, only to realized that I become addicted to books easily, as well.

9. I’d spend more time bonding with the housemates! We’ve been to punk fests, seen comedy shows, had a Katy Perry themed Superbowl fest, gone for joy rides on our bicycles and we’ve been throwing the idea of yoga around lately.

It may be my eighth semester, and though it should be the last, I’m going to drag this out (for educational purposes…). I’m learning a lot; I’m spending my evenings making typefaces for posters and my days coding websites and at the river with my textbook because it isn’t just homework anymore. I’m very content losing a little sleep over RWD.

So that’s where I am. If you have book recommendations, a car donation, or are in need of a very homeless and very attractive kitten (or five), do shout. I’ll be here bearing down for Bitter Fest with loads of chocolate hearts. xx


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